How to Grow your Own Chanterelle Mushrooms at Home

Easy Tips for Growing Mushrooms at Home

A growing number of people have started growing their own mushrooms indoors at home. Most began doing this due to the outrageous cost of mushrooms in supermarkets and grocery stores. Not only do mushrooms cost much less this way but many tend to feel that they have a better flavor than those available on the market. Growing chanterelle mushrooms can be easily done at home using various different techniques. The majority of individuals choose to use a kit. Kits contain everything that is needed to harvest a bountiful crop of mushrooms. Other options include buying the mushroom spawns and other materials for production.

A Look at Kits

Mushroom growing kits are usually available in gardening stores as well as many retail stores. Online gardening shops are a good source and often offer a wider variety of mushroom types and many different sizes of kits. These will not only include all items necessary for growth but detailed instructions that should be followed without eliminating or adding any steps. After purchasing, individuals should thoroughly inspect the kit to make sure there is no mold present. If there are any problems with the kit, it should be returned for replacement. Defective kits will not produce.

Some Easy Tips

Individuals must first select the type of mushroom that they wish to grow. Each type will take a different length of time before they are ready for harvest. There are some easy tips for growing mushrooms at home that can be applied regardless of the technique an individual plans to use. Following are several of the most important tips:
• Select an area to grow the mushrooms that is cool and dark. A basement or cellar is the best place. Those with limited space often use a closet or even an empty cabinet.
• Maintain the temperature of the selected area between 55 and 65 degrees F.
• Make sure there is a very limited amount of sunlight that is allowed into the area.
• Wear gloves when working with the mushrooms. Mushrooms are very delicate and are easily harmed by substances that may be on an individual’s hands.
• Water used on mushroom beds should be non-chlorinated. Rain water is most recommended but spring and well water will suffice.
• Always check the beds to see if they need water at least every two days. Beds should be kept moist not wet.
• Never pour water directly onto the beds. Use a spray bottle to mist water until the beds are moist.
• Spray cooking oil on the flaps of the beds to deter insects. Oil traps and kills insects before they get a chance to invade the beds.

These are only a few of many available tips. In order to produce the best mushrooms, individuals should research the growing hobby. Before buying supplies to get production started, they should also comparison shop in order to produce mushrooms that are not only delicious but cost effective as well. You may also like:Don’t Pay Supermarket Prices! Grow your Own Mushrooms

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