How to Grow your Own Portabella Mushrooms at Home

Growing mushrooms at home has become a very economically smart hobby for many individuals. Some choose to grow them indoors while others enjoy the challenge of outdoor growing. Organic mushroom kits make for the easiest route of starting a mushroom garden. They contain a growing medium with the mushroom spores in it. Within a few days, the fruits of one’s labor will begin to pop up, especially if you use this easy to follow growing mushrooms guide.

Simple Instructions

Most all gardening and many retail stores offer the mushroom growing kits as well as many online stores. Prices vary depending upon what the kit contains. Most range in price from twenty to thirty dollars. When selecting a kit, note that it should be organically certified. Be aware if a kit says “natural” or “made with organic materials” it is not totally organic. Kits that have a “USDA Certified Organic” label are the only ones that consist of materials that are completely organic. Only these types of kits should be used. Purchase the kit between one to three days of planting as most kits do not do well during long storage periods.

These kits should be inspected for any abnormalities such as colored molds. If there are any problems suspected, a replacement kit should be obtained. Most retailers of the kits will gladly exchange kits that are faulty in any way. Individuals may enjoy the fruits of their labor by simply following the simple growing instructions:

• Start by selecting an area that is dark and cool like a cabinet, pantry, basement, or even a closet for growing. Maintain the selected space at a temperature below 80 degrees F. The recommended range of temperature is 60 to 75 degrees F.
• The growing medium should be soaked in water that is cold and non-chlorinated for a period of two or three hours. Rain, spring, or well water is most recommended.
• Place the growing medium on a flat surface in the area selected for the growing process. Put the growing medium in a leak proof container. Maintain darkness in the area as much as possible. A scant amount of sunlight will not harm the growth of the mushrooms.
• Always maintain the moisture of the growing medium. Do not allow it to dry out as the mushrooms will not sprout. At least every two days the medium should be checked for moisture and watered using a watering can when needed.
• When the mushrooms pop up out of the ground, they are ready to be harvested. For some types of mushrooms, this will occur in about a week. Other types will take more time to begin to sprout as much as a month in some cases.
• Always harvest the mushrooms by snipping them at their base with a pair of scissors. Individuals can also use their fingers to pinch the mushrooms off.
• After harvesting, mushrooms should be washed before they are eaten.

Often two or more pounds of mushrooms will be harvested from a kit. This will differ depending upon the type of mushroom that is being grown. After a kit has been used and harvesting is finished, the kit can be put on a compost pile. In some cases, a few more mushrooms may even appear.

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